Kent LaTurno

By reducing voicework to the BIG DEEP VOICE GUY, we deprive our hearts of wonder. Plunge the depths of the heart. Stir vigor, mystery and awe. Enjoy the demos, then catch a sunset.


Kent LaTurno can come into your home without knocking. It's possible because he is the voice for radio stations from the Pacific coast to the beaches of Florida. Every 11 seconds someone switches to the imaging talents of Kent LaTurno. No. Hold on. Sorry. That's how often someone switches back to AT&T. But the point is –- very often -- radio stations will re-launch and other clients refresh with Kent's promos, narration and imaging services. Take time to hear the demos. Besides voicework that cuts through the clutter, you'll hear Kent bring stories to life in Audio Books and Special Program Narration.


Kent LaTurno  |  603 Hoyt Rd  |  Waxahachie, TX  |  75167

214.909.9665  |

The Spotlight

Listen to KTIS-Minneapolis/St Paul, a finalist for the GMA Major Market Station of the Year.